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Tennis Week Schedule
Tennis Week Registration Form
Monday, July 7 Featured Matches
Tuesday, July 8 Featured Matches
Wednesday, July 9 Featured Matches
Thursday, July 10 Featured Matches
Friday, July 11 Featured Matches
Saturday, July 12 Featured Matches
Sunday, July 13 Featured Matches
Monday, July 14 Featured Matches
Tuesday, July 15 Featured Matches

Wednesday, July 16 Singles Finals
Thursday, July 17 Doubles Finals
Friday, July 18 Mixed Doubles Finals
Friday, July 18 Awards, Raffle & Events

July 25 & 25: Junior Tennis Week Registration Form
July 30-August 3: Washington State Open Registration
August 18-23: National Seniors Indoor Registration

 Please note: Due to the high business volume during
Tennis Week, take-out orders and the wait for seating
in the Grill Room or lawn may take 40 minutes or more.
Specialty buffets will be offered on Friday, Sunday
and Monday evenings during Tennis Week
, with
limited menu service available in the Bistro and Snack Bar.

Once seated, please do not leave tables unattended.
Any tables left unattended will be cleared and made
available for other dining patrons.

TENNIS WEEK DRAWS will be posted Saturday morning
online as well as posted in the Pro Shop lobby. Go to the 
USTA web site and type in the tournament event code:
600024814. Schedule matches and notify Doug Verdieck.

Please be observant of the lot speed limit and keep your eyes open for small children in the parking lot. The STC parking lot is for Members Only. Visitors, please park on the streets adjacent to the Club, and kindly avoid neighborhood driveways.

Child Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures:
For your child's safety, please follow these guidelines for picking up or dropping off children in the STC parking lot.Click here for procedures.

Imagine the perfect setting for your perfect day...
Discreetly located in the charming neighborhood of Madison Park, the Seattle Tennis Club's picturesque grounds nestle the shores of Lake Washington, boasting panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and Mt Rainier. From the greens and purple hues of the Bellevue skyline to the shimmering moonlight on the lake, this unique in-city venue has a style and grace that reflects the tranquil beauty of its natural surroundings.

Since 1890, the Seattle Tennis Club has hosted many of the City's most elegant and unforgettable occasions. In the timeless tradition of cultivated taste, we proudly continue to provide unrivaled service, setting and cuisine that nurtures the legacy of exceptional performance. For information about sponsoring an event at the Seattle Tennis Club, contact our Catering Director at (206) 324-3200.

Tennis Dress Code:
The Club strictly adheres to an all-white tennis dress code. All players must wear clean white clothes in good repair, and full, rubber soled shoes made for tennis. Each article of clothing, including hats, must be at least 2/3 white. The STC Member standard for shoes is that they must present as white. All players must wear shirts and male shirts must have sleeves. T-shirts identified as for tennis are acceptable, so long as they otherwise meet STC color restrictions. Colored outerwear/warm-up[s] suits, sweaters and vests are acceptable, so long as they are loose enough to allow for appropriate tennis attire underneath. An easy way to remember the rule is “if it’s skin-tight, it must be white.”
The outdoor courts have surfaces which suffer permanent markings when running shoes are worn; therefore, running shoes may not be worn on any of the tennis courts. To prevent slippage and clay dust on hard courts, please use shoes designated for clay court use separate from regular court shoes, or clean the clay dust from your shoes as you leave the clay courts. Appropriate shoes for the courts may be purchased at the Pro Shop
Absolutely No Lake Swimming Without a Lifeguard on Duty





























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